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WildInvest portfolio is a "managed" fund currently comprising twelve projects:

Seahorse (Vietnam)
Black-Faced Lion Tamarin (Brazil)
Pygmy Hippopotamus (Liberia)
Queen Alexandra Birdwing Butterfly (Papua New Guinea)
Painted Hunting (Wild) Dog (Zimbabwe)
La Plata Dolphin (Argentina)

Iberian Lynx (Portugal)
Saiga Antelope (Kazakhstan)
Sacred Forest Groves (Western Ghats, India)
Olive Ridley Sea Turtle (Columbia)
Human Elephant Conflict (Sri Lanka)
Conservation of Biodiversity-rich Lebialem Highlands (Cameroon)

Following their initial investment, WildInvestors are asked to top up their WildInvestment on an annual basis. All donated money goes directly to the projects on the ground. Regular, sustainable giving is what endangered species need to give them a fighting chance.

To give you an idea of what your donation would achieve:

1,000 could fund vehicle costs for a year for the Pygmy Hippo project
3,000 could support a field camp for a year for the study of the Black-faced Lion Tamarin in the Atlantic Forest, Brazil
5,000 could cover materials and consumables for a year for the Vietnam Seahorse project
10,000 sponsors a WildInvest endangered species project for one year

WildInvestors are kept updated on how the projects are going with an annual report and latest news content on the website. They are invited to personally meet the project leaders in London or New York when a project leader is in town.

To become a WildInvestor or find out more, please contact us then we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange payment details and/or answer your queries.

Olive Ridley Sea TurtleIberian LynxSaiga AntelopeOlive Ridley Sea Turtle

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