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Iberian Lynx

Pygmy Hippopotamus



Welcome to WildInvest.com

WildInvest is a new kind of charitable fund, dedicated to bringing endangered species back from the brink of extinction. With so much more to save than money, we offer long-term investment opportunities in rare, natural works of priceless value.

WildInvest is an alliance between local wildlife conservationists working in threatened habitats and WildInvestors, individual donors who have the satisfaction of directly funding conservation efforts to save the planetís most endangered species.

WildInvest focuses exclusively on wildlife conservation projects run by local conservationists working with local communities to save endangered species and habitats. 100% of WildInvestors' donations go directly to projects in the field; administration is funded separately.

Experienced investors with an eye for growth will also recognise the logic of our long-term funding policy. We use the principle of leverage to ensure that relatively modest contributions from individuals can collectively make a huge difference to a species. By guaranteeing project leaders a sustainable future through annual grants, we put them in a stronger position to attract further funding from other sources.

Saiga Antelope

Black-Faced Lion Tamarin

Painted Hunting Dog

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